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Application for an event

1) Idea and Purpose
The idea and purpose of the Park World Tour (PWT) is to increase the interest in and knowledge of international orienteering, especially in the media and among new target groups, and to introduce orienteering in new countries. To market the competitions and the runners, the majority of the courses will be organised in urban areas and parks.

2) International Organisation and Management
The Park World Tour is a registered organisation, which is led by a council, and endorsed by the International Orienteering Federation (IOF).

The Park World Tour brings you:
  • The world's top 25 male and top 25 female orienteers.
  • The brand and concept of a high class international elite sports event.
  • International event marketing, with media and TV interest.
  • A professional, international orienteering speaker.
  • The electronic punching and timekeeping system for the event.
  • A professional manager handling the electronic punching and timekeeping.
  • A complete set of stage equipment for the event, including start and finish stands, expo walls and a big results display.
  • Uniform guidelines and models for all printed event material.<
  • A large database with information and pictures on the Internet.
  • Uniform guidelines and models for the event Internet home page.
  • Special T-shirts for all organisers in your local team.
The Park World Tour is responsible for
  • Assessing applications from interested parties and appointing the race organisers.
  • Controlling the races and visiting the rave venues in advance.
  • Coaching the local organisers in how to organise the races.
  • Arranging at least two meetings for the local organisers.
  • Providing an official service package and design line for the events, which must be followed.
  • Nominating and inviting the runners to every race.
  • Approving the start list for every PWT race.
  • Calculating the total PWT standings.
  • Signing contracts with PWT main sponsors.
  • Co-ordinating and signing TV contracts, in co-operation with the local organisers.

3) Local Organisation and Management
Each Park World Tour competition is organised by orienteering clubs affiliated with the national orienteering federations or by the orienteering federation itself. The local organiser will arrange the necessary permits for the race.

The local organiser is responsible for:

  • Organising an international orienteering event with the following main principles:
    - All races are set in urban areas, city centres and/or parks.
    - Great emphasis is put on marketing the event, both locally and nation-wide.
    - The courses are attractively designed and also adapted to the requirements of spectators and the media.
    - Winning times of approximately 15 minutes (women) and 12 minutes (men).
    - One minute start interval. Seeded start, with the best runners starting last.
    - A maximum of 26 women and 26 men start in each event.
    - All races of the season count in the overall PWT standings.
    - The 15 best runners in each race are awarded points as follows: 1=25 points, 2=20, 3=17, 4=15, 5=13, 6=11, 7=9, 8=8, 9=7, 10=6, 11=5, 12=4, 13=3, 14=2, 15=1.
  • Visiting at least two Park World Tour events before the organising their own PWT race.
  • Taking part in and paying their expenses for the organisers meetings (2-3) during the season.
  • Fulfilling the standards described in the Park World Tour Organisation Manual.
  • All costs connected with the competition, such as organising permissions, mapping costs, event program, start and result lists, press service and national speaker.<
  • The costs for accommodation (three-star hotel) and catering covering a two-day period - including all breakfasts, lunches, dinners and banquet - for all the 50 runners and 10-15 international PWT officials.
  • Paying the prize money to the PWT account at the latest one months before the event.

Can You Fulfil The Criteria Above?

If your answer is YES! - please give us the facts requested below and send us an application as soon as you can (by simply clicking on the 'Submit'-button)!

Application Form for PWT Events
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To accompany the application:
- Orienteering map of the competition area
- City/street map
- Time schedule for the event
- Pictures from the competition centre and the terrain!

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