Lonigo  • ITA
Race 1 •  15.11.2008  •  Saturday

Video from PWT in Italy  (24.12.2008) 
Mattias and Lena, PWT winners 2008  (15.11.2008) 
Countdown for the 2008 final  (12.11.2008) 
The Chinese National Team at PWT Lonigo  (19.10.2008) 
Top runners gather in Lonigo for a great PWT 2008  (1.10.2008) 
Welcome to the Park World Tour thrilling season finals! 
Photos from the final 
The season final in Italy! 
Start list 
Result - Women 
Result - Men 

3.9.2008, PWT  
Welcome to the Park World Tour thrilling season finals!
PWT organizers would like to extend their warmest welcome to the world elite O-athletes for a weekend of orienteering adventures in breath-taking surroundings in Lonigo ? Vicenza (75 km from Venice). Local food, culinary specialties and musical entertainment add flavour to the events, part of the 500-year anniversary of the architect Andrea Palladio.
Friday 14/11 ? PWT Sprint qualification and warm-up through the vineyards of the Berici Hills.

Saturday 15/11 ? PWT Park and city sprint in Lonigo-Vicenza, known world-wide for Palladian architecture.

Sunday 16/11 ? Possibility to take part in the traditional city race in Venice: Italy's biggest orienteering competition.

Total Prize Money of 5000 euro to the 6 best in the PWT race: 1st 1000, 2nd 600, 3rd 400, 4th 250, 5th 150, 6th 100

Experience a fantastic ambience in Italy during PWT in Lonigo. The photo is from Mediterranean Open Championship 2008, MOC.


Friday 14/11

11.00 PWT Qualification/warm up sprint race in the Berici Hills, Lonigo-Vicenza
13.00 Tasting of local specialties
14.00 Guided sightseeing tour of Palladian monuments
19.00 Dinner

Saturday 15/11

07.00 Breakfast
11.00 PWT race in Lonigo-Vicenza, first start women (max 25/class)
12.00 First start men (max 25/class)

14.00 Tasting of local specialties
14.30 Guided tour: shopping and sightseeing
19.00 PWT Banquet ? A great & fun party with Nicola Manfredi and his band.

Sunday 16/11

06.30-9.00 Breakfast
07.00 Bus/train to Venice to participate in the race
09.00 Bus/train to Venice for sightseeing

Further information will be published at beginners of September.
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