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Top runners gather in Lonigo for a great PWT 2008 
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1.10.2008, PWT  
Top runners gather in Lonigo for a great PWT 2008
One race, one champion. Lonigo, a town in the province of Vicenza famous for its speedway track, will decide the Park World Tour 2008 winner.
The event takes place November 15 in a very special year for the region: the quincentenary of the birth of the local architect Andrea Palladio, whose works are part of the World Heritage Site "City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto". And that is why the orienteering competition was connected with the celebrations of the Palladian year.

Another thing for sure is that many top runners will fight for the title. Yuri "The King" Omeltchenko is among them. No need to say, we are talking about the PWT legend, the athlete who still is, and probably for a long time will be, the recordman of victories in the PWT series, World Champion in 1995 and twice silver medallist in 2003 and 2004. Perhaps a tough opponent will be the best Norwegian sprinter for the last five years, gold medallist at Nordic Orienteering Championships: Øystein Kvaal Østerbo. And what about the World University Champion Tomas Dlabaja, 6th in sprint distance during the last World Championships on home soil?

There is much waiting for Thierry Gueorgiou, Pasi Ikonen's and Minna Kauppi's decision. The Finn couple may lead the field in Lonigo and fellow countrywoman Heli Jukkola could join too if she recovers from an arm injury. Organizers hope to host Andrey Khramov and Valentin Nokikov as well; the Russian competitors will take a final decision after the World Cup.

The Park World Tour race will also be a special sport arena to mark the thirtieth anniversary of orienteering in Vicenza, an area which gave birth to well-known Italian runners (such as former national Champions Tiziano Zanetello and Silvia Bertazzo) and current PWT Italia President Gabriele Viale.

The competition will be streamed online on www.radiogoccioline.com, with live comments, interviews and results. TV coverage will be provided by Sky Sport inside the Icarus program.

At the moment the following competitors ensured their presence at PWT 2008.

Men: Yuri Omeltchenko; Øystein Kvaal Østerbo; François Gonon; Thierry Gueorgiou; Misha Mamleev; Lukas Bartak; Marian Davidik; Matthias Muller; Thomas Dlabaja; Zinca Ionut and Tero Fohr.

Women: Dana Brozkova, Elise Egseth, Lene Bergersen, Seline Stalder, Annika Billstam, Eva Juřeníková, Heli Jukkola (depending on the injury) and Veronica Minoiu.

Wild cards are awarded to some of the best Italian runners: Giancarlo Simion, Giacomo Seidenari, Klaus Schgaguler, Marco Seppi, Michela Guizzardi, Nicole Scalet, Laura Scaravonati and Maria Novella Sbaraglia. A spot will be given to local hero Cristiano De Agnoi, orienteering golden boy and new Italian Champion in the M18 class.
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