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Race 1 •  15.11.2008  •  Saturday

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Mattias and Lena, PWT winners 2008  (15.11.2008) 
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The Chinese National Team at PWT Lonigo 
Top runners gather in Lonigo for a great PWT 2008  (1.10.2008) 
Welcome to the Park World Tour thrilling season finals!  (3.9.2008) 
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The season final in Italy! 
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19.10.2008, PWT  
The Chinese National Team at PWT Lonigo
Amongst the 400 foreign athletes to date entered in the PWT Lonigo, the National Chinese team stands out.
The country, home of the 2008 Olympic Games, will be represented by a delegation of 10 members, with the President, Secretary General, technical manager, two coaches and 5 athletes (3 females and 2 males).
The Chinese athletes Mingyue Zhu, Shuangyan Hao and Li Ji are the same who won the 7th place team in the recent world championships in Czech Republic of Olomuc.
The Chinese athletes will remain in Italy for 10 days or so, to compete in PWT, in Venice, and to carry out a training camp in Primiero.
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