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Race 1 •  15.11.2008  •  Saturday

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Mattias and Lena, PWT winners 2008 
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15.11.2008, PWT  
Mattias and Lena, PWT winners 2008
Mattias Müller, SUI did a nearly perfect race and Lena Eliasson, SWE confirm that she is on her way back to the top in world orienteering. That was the winner in the Park World Tour final 2008 in the city of Lonigo, Italy.
Mattias Müller had a big smile on his face when he came into finish. He had done a very good race and felt that he was running for a top position in the Men class. When he passed the finish line he was 14 seconds before the French runner Francois Gonon. Francois was just 3 seconds before the Norwegian sprint specialist Oystein Kvaal Osterbo.

For Lena Elisson it was a good and promising start of 2008. Illness stopped her from focussing on the World Championships. Now she has returned and showing great progress. Lena says that she now need the joy and happiness a PWT victory gives for the moment to get the right motivation for the long winter training that soon start. The PWT race in Lonigo was just perfect for me with a lot of friend around me and perfect ambience.

Even if Lena had a 29 second margin to the Swiss runner to the runner-up Celine Stalder and another 24 seconds to Eva Jurenikova, CZE she was not as happy as Mattias Müller with the race. Lena did a mistake in the middle of the course where she felt that she was trapped. After she had stopped and calmed down for a few second she could finalise the race without any mistakes.
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