Lonigo  • ITA
Race 1 •  15.11.2008  •  Saturday

Video from PWT in Italy  (24.12.2008) 
Mattias and Lena, PWT winners 2008  (15.11.2008) 
Countdown for the 2008 final  (12.11.2008) 
The Chinese National Team at PWT Lonigo  (19.10.2008) 
Top runners gather in Lonigo for a great PWT 2008  (1.10.2008) 
Welcome to the Park World Tour thrilling season finals!  (3.9.2008) 
Photos from the final 
The season final in Italy! 
Start list 
Result - Women 
Result - Men 

17.11.2008, PWT  
Photos from the final

Zinca Ionut, ROM

Celin Stalder, SUI

Emma Dahlsted, SWE

The O-singer Nicola Manfredi is giving his greatings to Mattias Müller, SUI after the victory in Lonigo.

Oystein Kvaal Osterbo, NOR

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