A Wild Idea 
100 Years of History 
A Successful Newcomer 
An Exciting Spectator Event 
Growing Fast 

A Wild Idea
It started as a wild idea. A World Cup in park orienteering. A competition that would bring the orienteers into the cities, in front of the people and the crowds.
One year after the premiere in June 1996, the Park World Tour attracted 5,000 spectators. Dozens of TV companies covered the series. The cash prizes amounted to more than half a million Swedish kronor. The world´s best orienteers competed in famous European cities like Budapest and Venice - and in 1998 they conquered the Chinese continent in the first international orienteering event ever held in Beijing.
Now, interested organisers are queuing up for their turn. The newcomer has grown, through youth cups and national championships. In 2001, a World Championships race on sprint distance was added to the orienteering schedule.
The Park World Tour contributes to spreading the sport all over the globe, with our ultimate goal - inclusion in the Olympic Games - in sight.

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