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A Successful Newcomer 
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A Successful Newcomer
The Park World Tour started in Vasa, Finland, in 1996. The premiere event was broadcast live on TV and included on the Finnish pools coupon.
In Laxa, Sweden, thousands of spectators cheered for the world stars, with controls in the nearby canal and on the roof of a shopping centre.
In Oslo the sport was introduced to 15,000 junior players, taking part in a football tournament at the same location.
In Prague, a Strauss symphony accompanied the streams of water in the Krizik fountain when Jörgen Martensson and Reeta Kolkkala uncorked the champagne and received their gold medals as the overall winners of the first ever Park World Tour.
This new World Cup was created by seven orienteering enthusiasts with their base in the Nordic countries. They set a high standard for the events and put the world class orienteers in focus. With four races in 1996, eight in 1997 and ten in 1998, the Park World Tour has continued growing.

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