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An Exciting Spectator Event
The world´s best orienteers. 25 women and 25 men. 3 kilometre courses.
Spectacular controls in exciting surroundings. Winning times of 12-15 minutes. Top cash prizes.
The Park World Tour puts the world class orienteers into the spotlight. The Tour takes them to new countries and new continents, where the sport is on its way to becoming established and increasing in popularity.
With professional organisation, modern techniques and spectator-friendly competitions, the races are easy to follow. With functional transport, great catering, accommodation and social activities for the elite runners. With massive marketing and publicity. With a solid framework, but a great deal of flexibility. All with the objective of increasing the knowledge and awareness of orienteering all over the world, to gain interest for the sport and to attract new target groups.
The Park World Tour gives the public and the media new opportunities to follow the orienteers. A chance for everyone to watch one of the world´s toughest sports from close up. Intense races, lasting no longer than a football match, providing lots of speed, excitement and action. Youngsters in particular have become very enthusiastic for this latest new discipline of orienteering, which has received a lot of publicity in the newspapers, on the radio, on TV and on the Internet.
On site, everyone has the opportunity to test the courses themselves with a map and a compass, taking all the time that they require.

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