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Guidelines 2002
A strong concept

The seventh Park World Tour season ? with seven races in Europe, from May to October, and an additional Open Championships series in Asia in November ? is right ahead of us.

Introducing orienteering as the exciting and action-packed sport it is, in city centres and spectacular venues, in front of spectators and TV cameras, we look forward to another adventurous year, with participants from all five continents, live TV broadcasts and new innovations.

With uniform guidelines and visual design,we have created a strong image, positioning orienteering as a modern sport and opening the way for unique opportunities for future development.

This manual should be a practical guideline for implementing these tasks. Most of these standards are compulsory requirements for all the PWT events in 2002. In addition, the manual contains other proposals which can enhance every individual event.

The Park World Tour Organising Team and our partners will be pleased to help you with advice and action. We hope you enjoy all the preparations and organisation for your event and we feel sure that it will be very successful and worthwhile!

The Park World Tour Council
Organisation Manual 2002

Manual for the preparation and execution of PWT events

- Park World Tour Council
- Crew & Partners
- Organisers 2002
- Dates & Deadlines
- General Agreement
- Race Standards
- Promotional Standards
- Equipment & Advertising
- Visual Standards
- Checklist

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