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Changchun, China, Oct 2013     20.10.2013, Madi
China tour continues with middle distance
The PWT China tour 2013 continued today in Changchun with a middle distance race. Races of 5,1km for men and 3,7km for women were run just outside the Jingyuetan Park at Xibei Gou. The winners came from Sweden and Latvia, as Karolin Ohlsson took her 3rd victory of the tour and Edgars Bertuks his first.  More...

Changchun, China, Oct 2013     19.10.2013, Madi
The PWT China tour 2013 on the way
It was forest, parks and sculptures today as the PWT China tour 2013 was opened in Changchun with two individual starts ran in connection with Vasa Orienteering Festival. First, in the morning a prologue of 2,9km for men and 2,4km for women was run in the Jingyuetan National Park's Tower Part. This was followed by an afternoon sprint race in the beautiful settings of the Changchun Sculpture Park.  More...

Beijing, China, Oct 2013     11.10.2013, Madi
Several World Champions on board the PWT China tour
We are pleased to announce that the coming PWT China tour will once again host very high level competitions with several World Champions and medalists on the starting list.  More...

Beijing, China, Aug 2013     29.8.2013, Madi
PWT season 2013 continues in China
2013 will bring another PWT tour in China with some of the best orienteers from around the world. This time the competitions will take place in Changchun and Beijing. Also this year, the PWT events will be in connection with the Vasa PWT Orienteering Festival, organized by Nordic Ways Vasa.  More...

Matera, Italy, Mar 2013     17.3.2013, Costola & Giulia
PWT season 2013 kicked off in Matera
Today took place the 85th PWT race of all time in the wonderful and peculiar city of Matera. At the same time it was the final stage of the Mediterranean Open Championship 2013. Park World Tour, which has already for 14 years taken orienteers to the most beautiful cities of the World, returned today to Matera after the race of 2002.  More...

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