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Matera, Italy, Mar 2013     14.3.2013, Madi
PWT will rock you in Matera
In connection to MOC 2013, the 85th PWT race will take part on the 17th of March in the mother of all sprint cities... Matera, Italy. It will be a start field full of the brightest stars of the orienteering world with several World Champions and medalists on the line both in the men's and the women's class, who have traveled to Italy for orienteering. Additionally there's also a big presentation from several national teams including Switzerland, Sweden and Norway among others. Also some of the best runners from many other countries are on the line. So the city of Matera, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, will have it's match.  More...

Beijing, China, Sep 2012     22.9.2012, Madi
Botanical PWT race
The fifth and final race of PWT China tour 2012 was run in the beautiful surroundings of Beijing Botanical Garden together with Beijing Middle School championships and Beijing Normal University championships. In the ladies the winner was Lea Vercellotti (FRA). In the men's it was a shared victory between Yannick Michiels (BEL) and Tomas Dlabaja (CZE).  More...

Wansheng, China, Sep 2012     21.9.2012, Madi
Rice fields and bamboo forest
The China PWT tour continued today together with Chinese championships with a middle distance race in the countryside of Wansheng. The terrain varied a lot and was a mixture of rice fields, occasional corn fields, bamboo forest, steep slopes and what not. Victories went once again to new nations in this tour as Tomas Dlabaja of Czech Republic conquered the men's and Zhu Minguye of China the women's race.  More...

Wansheng, China, Sep 2012     20.9.2012, Madi
Victories to Spain and Norway on the 3rd race of China PWT tour
Wansheng, a smaller city not far from Chongqing - the biggest city in the world, hold the stage for third day of China PWT tour and at the same time Chinese championships. In today's sprints the victories went to Oystein Kvaal Osterbo of Norway and Ona Rafols of Spain.  More...

Changchung, China, Sep 2012     16.9.2012, Madi
Estonian and French dominance on the 2nd day of China PWT tour
The second day of China PWT tour and Vasa Orienteering Festival also took place at the Jing Yuetan Park in Changchun. This time it was in a more forested area of this beautiful park. It was middle distance for the PWT runners and long distance for the Vasa runners. The event center was located at the famous Vasaloppet house. The winners of the day were Timo Sild of Estonia, and Lea Vercellotti of France.  More...

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