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Beijing, China, Nov 2019     5.11.2019, Madi
Gemperle & Steiwer 3rd stage winners in Beijing Expo Park
Beijing Garden Expo Park provided the venue for the 3rd stage of PWT China tour, offering varying physical and technical challenges. The victories went out to Russia and Norway as the fastest were Natalia Gemperle and Gaute Hallan Steiwer.  More...

Chongqing, China, Nov 2019     2.11.2019, Madi
PWT China tour continued in Chongqing with Janosikova and Scalet on top
The competitions continued today in Chongqing. The area of Dadukou Historical Industry Museum set the venue for this quite special sprint race. It was a very interesting area and a somewhat unusual format of sprint orienteering. The courses offered varying and even untypical challenges. The victories went out to Czech Republic and Italy as the fastest were Tereza Janosikova and Riccardo Scalet.  More...

Chongqing, China, Oct 2019     30.10.2019, Madi
World Cup done, PWT China tour continues
World Cup has been concluded and it is time for PWT China tour 2019 to continue. Chongqing will be the next destination.  More...

Rizhao, China, Oct 2019     19.10.2019, Madi
PWT China tour 2019 stage 1 in Rizhao
The first competition of 2019 PWT China tour was ran today in Rizhao. Galina Vinogradova (RUS) and Max Peter Bejmer (SWE) beat the field and claimed the victories.  More...

Beijing, China, Oct 2019     17.10.2019, Madi
PWT China tour 2019 is at hand
The PWT China tour 2019 is at hand with just two days to go before the first event in Rizhao.  More...

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