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Beijing, China, Oct 2018     31.10.2018, Madi
PWT China tour 2018 & Beijing O Week videos
PWT, Beijing O Week and Learnjoy would like to present some videos of Beijing O Week & PWT China tour 2018. Relive the moments or see how it was this year.  More...

Beijing, China, Oct 2018     28.10.2018, Madi
PWT China tour 2018 overall results
The overall winners of this year's PWT China tour were Yannick Michiels (BEL) and Karolin Ohlsson (SWE). The total points are calculated using the classic PWT scoring system.  More...

Linqigu, China, Oct 2018     27.10.2018, Madi
PWT China tour 2018 5th and final stage
The fifth and final race of PWT China tour 2018 was run in the beautiful surroundings of Linqigu orienteering town in the Langfang region, south from Beijing. Organized in accordance with the China Open races, there were again several hundred runners enjoying orienteering. In the ladies class the winner of the day's special sprint was Lina Strand (SWE), and among the men it was Yannick Michiels (BEL) who beat the rest of the field.  More...

Beijing, China, Oct 2018     26.10.2018, Madi
Olympic Forest Park set the venue for 4th stage
A WRE sprint race continued the tour in the Olympic Forest Park, not far from the Olympic venues Bird's Nest and Water Cube. The weather had turned from summer to autumn, but the strong wind afforded the athletes and spectators alike to enjoy the sun and blue sky. The victories in both classes went to Sweden as Karolin Ohlsson and Jonas Leandersson outmatched the others.  More...

Beijing, China, Oct 2018     25.10.2018, Madi
Tricky orienteering in the 3rd stage
The tour continued today in the magnificent venue of Beijing Garden Expo Park with sprint races. The victories went out to Sweden and Germany as the fastest were Lina Strand and Colin Kolbe.  More...

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