24.10.2017, Madi
Beijing, China, 2017
PWT China tour 2017 stage 1
The first competition of this years PWT China tour was ran today in Huairou, 60km north from Beijing. The event was set in the Hongluo Temple (Red Temple) area. Among the varying shades of autumn, the winners of the first stage were Robert Merl (AUT) and Maija Sianoja (FIN).
The Red Temple area offered an enchanting and culture rich surrounding for the first race. Being right next to the mountains, the terrain included some steep ridges and slopes, which made the route choices demanding, authentic Chinese characteristics such as statues and the temple itself, among which the athletes got to navigate in.

The courses tested varying skills both physically and technically.

Maija Sianoja (FIN) was the lady with the quickest legs and navigation today. 24 seconds down, it was Laura Robertson (NZL) who was second, 20 seconds before Marika Teini (FIN).

In the men's class, it was a huge day for Austria as the victory was taken by Robert Merl, 12 seconds before his countryman Gernot Kerschbaumer. Jonas Vytautas Gvildys (LTH) managed to take the third position.
In the men's top 10 it was 7 different nations, representing the international flavor of PWT.

-”It was a pretty cool area. Much steeper than expected, but I had very good legs. I arrived to China already almost a week ago, so I’ve had time to prepare well”.
”I maybe didn’t take the best route choices on all legs but otherwise I had a really clean race”.
”Nice to start the week with an Austrian double”.
were the comments of men’s runner-up Gernot Kerschbaumer, who is running his first PWT China tour.

-”I took one wrong route choice and on one control I ran about 30 meters too long past the control. But otherwise it was rather good and I took it carefully, which seemed to be a good tactic today as it was quite exotic at times compared to sprints back home”.
”The slippery pathways made staying up actually quite demanding at times, and at one point I slipped and hit the ground, after which I watched my steps a bit more”.
”All in all it was a lot of fun”.
were the comments of ladies’ winner Maija Sianoja – also a first-timer in China tour.

Below you can find the:

Men's map part 1
Men's map part 2

Women's map part 1

Women's map part 2

Tomorrow will be the official opening ceremony of Beijing O Week. The races will continue two days after with a middle distance, which is also a WRE.

Top 3

Pics from the terrain

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