26.10.2018, Madi
Beijing, China, Oct 2018
Olympic Forest Park set the venue for 4th stage
A WRE sprint race continued the tour in the Olympic Forest Park, not far from the Olympic venues Bird's Nest and Water Cube. The weather had turned from summer to autumn, but the strong wind afforded the athletes and spectators alike to enjoy the sun and blue sky. The victories in both classes went to Sweden as Karolin Ohlsson and Jonas Leandersson outmatched the others.
The courses were set in the most hilly part of the park – a forested park area with lots of tracks and elevation differences as well as varied vegetation and water features that had to be taken into account when making route choices. Indeed, the route choice challenges were the ones posing perhaps the most challenge today.

The ones who had the strongest legs and were able to navigate their way best among the hills and trees were Karolin Ohlsson (SWE), who finally stepped up that one position to score her first victory on the tour after three second places, and Jonas Leandersson (SWE), also with his first victory. Behind Ohlsson, last year's overall winner Maija Sianoja (FIN) was second and Galina Vinogradova (RUS) third, both taking their second top three position on the tour. Behind Leandersson, Maxime Rauturier (FRA) stepped up his game big time and anchored himself on the podium after two seventh positions. Emil Svensk (SWE) was third.

Top 3:
1. Karolin Ohlsson (SWE) 16:36
2. Maija Sianoja (FIN) 17:03
3. Galina Vinogradova (RUS) 17:41

1. Jonas Leandersson (SWE) 14:02
2. Maxime Rauturier (FRA) 14:20
3. Emil Svensk (SWE) 14:45

-”The course was really good. A good mix of some longer legs with route choices where you had to consider the elevation and the greens and then some easier parts with more open areas and more controls. My performance was really good. It was my best this week, getting better and better every race. I didn't do any real mistakes today, just some small hesitations, but in this terrain and course you could use few extra seconds to avoid bigger mistakes and I think that together with good compass use was the key today”, said men's winner Jonas Leandersson.

-Maxime Rauturier, who reached his first Top 3 placing on the tour, commented: "I really liked the race as it mixed elements between sprint and forest orienteering. The route choices were quite challenging and it was difficult to estimate the best option, but I believe I managed to take all the good ones. I also had an almost clean race, so that brought the good result today".

-"I found it a bit tricky in the beginning and thus invested time to orienteering, yet did one small mistake on the third control, but after that I kept it together. I am usually a slow starter, so the more difficult beginning suited me well, the middle part then was easy so I could speed up before the very long leg. It usually fits me better when it's hilly and not just flat and asphalt, so the course was also physically good for me. It was a fun course with all the route choices and I enjoyed it a lot", Karolin Ohlsson commented.

-”I just went out there to do my job and I did it. In the beginning it felt like everything came so fast and I did some small mistakes on second and third controls, but after that I got the hang of it and had a good rest of the race. I think it was important to remember to slow down a bit for the controls in the woods after longer stretches of running on paths”, commented ladies second Maija Sianoja her performance.


Map (Same course for men and women)

Now the athletes will move to Linqigu, located in the Langfang region south from Beijing, where the fifth and final race of the tour will take place tomorrow morning. It will be a sprint race with something extra.

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