30.10.2019, Madi
Chongqing, China, Oct 2019
World Cup done, PWT China tour continues
World Cup has been concluded and it is time for PWT China tour 2019 to continue. Chongqing will be the next destination.
PWT China tour 2019 competitions will continue with the second stage in Chongqing on the 2nd of November.

Chongqing, located in southwest China, is one of the biggest cities in the world and its administrative municipality has a population of over 30 million. While the city area is buzzing with life, the more tranquil outskirts have green nature and even stone forests.

For the second part of the tour, the PWT group will get bigger with many new runners joining in after first having run the World Cup races. In total, it will be 50 international runners competing in the PWT competitions in Chongqing.

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