5.11.2019, Madi
Beijing, China, Nov 2019
Gemperle & Steiwer 3rd stage winners in Beijing Expo Park
Beijing Garden Expo Park provided the venue for the 3rd stage of PWT China tour, offering varying physical and technical challenges. The victories went out to Russia and Norway as the fastest were Natalia Gemperle and Gaute Hallan Steiwer.
It was the third time PWT visited Beijing Garden Expo Park, but again it was a new area for the race in this huge park. Today’s race was set in a forest park environment containing winding paved tracks, steps, varying vegetation, and some more or less steep ridges, which provided a good opportunity for the course setter to challenge the athletes in various ways. The ones who could master the set challenges the best were:

1. Natalia Gemperle (RUS) 16:53
2. Cecilie Friberg Klysner (DEN) 17:09
3. Galina Vinogradova (RUS) 17:57

1. Gaute Hallan Steiwer (NOR) 14:06
2. Eduardo Gil Marcos (ESP) 14:11
3. Jonathan Crickmore (GBR) 14:24

Among the ladies, it was relatively big differences in the lead, Natalia Gemperle taking the victory 16 seconds before Cecilie Friberg Klysner, while Galina Vinogradova was already over a minute behind. Among the men it was tighter Gaute Hallan Steiwer beating Eduardo Gil Marcos by only 5 seconds and Jonathan Crickmore by 18 seconds. Oskar Andren (SWE) on 4th position was only one second behind Crickmore.

-Gemperle commented that: ”It felt a little bit like a middle distance type of sprint for me, which suited me well. I feel confident in forest and that was my strength today. I used compass and ran straight when it was possible. I did two mistakes, both about 20 seconds, so it was not a clean race for me, but the course was challenging for everyone. It was not so intense technically but more about making the right route choices and then executing them effectively and fast.”.

-Men's third Jonathan Crickmore commented his race: ”My race today was very good with only a few very small mistakes. The forest was nice so it was possible to push hard in the terrain. After this good run and result, I am really looking forward to the next races”.


Map men & women

The next stage will be held in Beijing's Rose Garden on the 8th of November.

Top 3 below the giant temple next to event center

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