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Langfang, China, Nov 2019
PWT China tour 2019 concluded in Langfang with the 117th PWT event
The fifth and final race of PWT China tour 2019 was run in the surroundings of Linqigu orienteering town, located in the Langfang region, south from Beijing. In addition to the PWT athletes, there were more than six hundred eager orienteers doing the sport they love. Among the ladies, the winner of the day was Galina Vinogradova (RUS), and among the men, it was Yannick Michiels (BEL) who beat all the others.
The grounds of Linqigu orienteering town and its 2017 opened PWT International Orienteering Park offered the surroundings for the race to conclude this year's tour. Organized as part of the Beijing O Week and with hundreds of young orienteers taking part, there was a nice atmosphere in the arena.
The terrain itself was an outdoor park area divided into different terrain types varying from grass land and open sandy forest to cottage village and flower gardens. As it was the third year in a row that PWT visited the site, the course setters had planned something a little bit different. The first 8 controls were set on a 1:1500 map and could be punched in any order. On the 9th control, there was a map exchange and the rest of the course was a more typical sprint course.

After an experience rich tour, which for some spanned over three weeks including also the World Cup plus many other activities such as the Chongqing City Orienteering and a long run on the Great Wall, the winners in both classes were still able to find both physical strength and mental focus to master the day’s challenges.

In the women's class it was familiar faces in the podium as Galina Vinogradova took her 2nd victory on the 2019 tour. The gap to the day’s runner-up Cecilie Friberg Klysner was huge – almost a minute. Laura Robertson became third, already a minute and half behind the winner. As what before the final race seemed like an almost certain overall victory for Natalia Gemperle, was totally turned around as Gemperle missed one of the eight controls in the free-order section and was thus disqualified. This opened the path for Galina Vinogradova, who in addition to the stage victory, also took the overall victory to her name.

In the men's class it was also a big gap between the winner and the second one, but a very tight battle for the second and third positions. Yannick Michiels took his second win in a row as he outperformed the others by almost half a minute. But after him, it was only 2,5 seconds that separated the next three. The day's runner-up Eduardo Gil Marcos beat Oystein Kvaal Osterbo by two seconds, who in turn beat Jonathan Crickmore by a mere 0,4 seconds. The overall victory went to Eduardo Gil Marcos, after Riccardo Scalet missed a control (number 13) today. So, a bit similar story than in the women's class. What makes Gil Marcos' overall victory a special one, is that it came without a single stage victory.

Top 3:
1. Galina Vinogradova (RUS) 16:50
2. Cecilie Friberg Klysner (DEN) 17:44
3. Laura Robertson (NZL) 18:17

1. Yannick Michiels (BEL) 14:08
2. Eduardo Gil Marcos (ESP) 14:36
3. Oystein Kvaal Osterbo (NOR) 14:38

-Vinogradova commented her race and overall feelings after the win: "It was nice today, and also not the first time for me running a race like this as we have similar kinds of free-order races in Russia too. Today I was able to find good choices in the free-order section and also after that it was a good race for me. I am also surprised to take the overall victory in the end – I feel sorry for Natalia, but happy about the victory of course".

-Gil Marcos, the men's overall winner, commented his race and the tour: "It was a pleasure to be back in China again. We have had a lot of races and activities in many different places with really nice people and good times. Today's race was really fast and it was a really tight battle for the podium – I am happy that the seconds were on my side today. The overall victory was unexpected but a very nice surprise, but above that I am really satisfied I was able to do stable races throughout the tour".

-The overall feeling among the athletes was seemingly joyful after the event as many expressed and highlighted the memorable experiences gathered during the tour:
"Such a nice and lively atmosphere today with so many young local runners and all the things going on in the arena. Most of all, a wonderful PWT tour altogether with all the races, sightseeing, culture, other activities, and the time spent together with the other athletes".


Map first part – free selection
Map second part (same courses for men and women)

The full overall standings will be published in a later post along with some videos from the tour.

PWT Park World Tour and the athletes would like to acknowledge and present their gratitude to Beijing O Week and the main supporter of the tour Learnjoy.


Linqigu PWT International Orienteering Park

Top 3 of the 5th stage

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