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Welcoming you to the orienteering season 2019

PWT China tour 2019

The PWT China tour 2019 is at hand. Once again, PWT brings a number of elite athletes from around the world to meet up with the Chinese orienteering family for a fantastic orienteering celebration.

PWT, together with Chinese orienteering officials, Beijing O Week and Learnjoy, have been working hard to take PWT China tour 2019 to different parts of China. The tour will commence in Rizhao with the first PWT event taking place in accordance with the Asian Cup, a week before the World Cup. After the World Cup, the tour will continue and go to Chongqing, Beijing, and finally conclude in Langfang with the 117th Park World Tour event.

There will be elite athletes from World Champions to young rising stars coming from five different continents and representing around 25 nations.

Who will claim the PWT titles and the price money. Follow the NEWS section for results, reports, and maps during the tour:

First Part:
19.10. PWT Race 1, WRE & Asian Cup, Sprint, Rizhao

24.-29.10. World Cup, Guangzhou

Second Part & Beijing O Week:
2.11. PWT Race 2, Sprint, Chongqing (Historical Industry Museum)
5.11. PWT Race 3, Sprint, Beijing (Rose Garden)
7.11. PWT Race 4, Sprint, Beijing (Expo Park)
9.11. PWT Race 5 & China Open, Sprint, Langfang

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For previous events visit older news here.

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PWT China tour 2019 is at hand
The PWT China tour 2019 is at hand with just two days to go before the first event in Rizhao.
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Trailer for PWT China tour 2019 part 1 and Asian Cup
The trailer for Asian Cup & PWT China tour 2019 part 1 in Rizhao is published.
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PWT China tour 2019 Program
PWT China tour 2019 program is published. This year the tour will take place in two parts, before and after the World Cup.
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